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Sleep Apnea is a disorder of breathing during sleep. Typically it is accompanied by loud snoring. Apnea during sleep consist of brief periods throughout the night in which breathing stops. People with sleep apnea do not get enough oxygen during sleep. There are 2 major types.  Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnea . . .
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How I Cured My Sleep Apnea
Sleep Study Number 1
My drive to Stanford
Right after Surgery
Still in recovery room
My dad, was there every step of the way!
Yeah it hurt but I hope it was worth the pain!
The pain meds help a lot but you still feel uncomfortable
Adversity Tattoo
I was worried about what I looked like...
Trying to stop the swelling in my jaw
MMA Surgery is very uncomfortable
I feel better than you would think!
Day 2 After Surgery
Day 2 - Where are my pain meds?
Day 2 - Still bleeding but on my way to recovery
Thanks Dad!
Day 2 - Finally I am getting color back in my face!
Leaving the hospital after my MMA Surgery
Half Moon Bay
One week visit to Dr. Powell's Office
LA Marathon Pic 2
LA Marathon Pic 1
Sleep Study Number 2
Lower Eyelid Surgery
Sleep Study Number 3
Scott Hardy - How I cured my sleep apnea!
Front Picture
The day before the surgery
Left Side
Front Picture with a smile
Left Side with a smile
Right Side with a smile
Day 4 Trip
10 days after my mma surgery.
Im tired, it has been a long journey!
First picture back home!
Making funny faces!
The Arch Bars
Mavericks Surf Spot
Sea Lions - San Francisco Trip
San Francisco - Fishermans Warf
San Francisco - Alcatraz
San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco Trip 2
San Francisco Trip
I have created this page in the hopes that people with sleep apnea will find it and hopefully I can get information out to others so they can live a dream sleep filled life as I do know. For my whole life I struggled with this condition but for most of the time I did not know that I had it. After doing tons of research I finally cam across Dr. Nelson Powell out of Stanford University. As it turns out he and Dr. Riley are the worlds foremost experts at diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. I found them on their website at www.sleepsurgery.com. Feel free to share this information with every and anyone that may benefit from the the road I have been on. In 2004 I did a sleep study which showed I had up to 75 interruptions and hour. That's more than 1 a minute!!!. As of my latest study I have only 4 interruptions an hour and anything less than 5 is considered normal. I am now cured! I did not dream for over 20 years and I am happy to say that my dreams are back along with my health and zest for life. Due to this condition I was once diagnosed with CFS(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and barely got up for more than 4 hours a day. I am very proud to say that in March 2007 I was able to run the L.A. Marathon! A miracle all thanks to the Internet and modern science...especially Dr. Nelson Powell whom I cannot thank enough.


Scott Hardy
Things I Tried
Medical Procedures
UPPP (worked for snoring)
Nose cauterization (worked)
Tongue Radiofrequency (worked)
Tongue Advancement (worked)
Bi Max MMA surgery (Cured me and saved my life)
Dental Appliance (Hated it, it hurt my teeth and I couldn't sleep with it in)
Dr Snore Sleep Formula (I think it helped a little)
Sleeping with a belt on my head ( didn't work)
Sleeping with a tied around my head (didn't work)
Sleeping in on a massage table (didn't work)
Sleeping with a jaw supporter made from a nighttime blindfold (worked and gave me the inspiration for my SnoreSling invention)
CPAP (We definitely were not friends..lol. I could not tolerate it)
Afrin (worked to open my nose)
Chest rub products (didn't work)
Nasal Strips (worked)
Throat Sprays (worked)
Diet and Nutrition (definitely worked to maintain my health and recovery from surgery)
Supplements (worked to maintain my health and recovery from surgery)
Dr. Teitlebaums program (helped my Chronic Fatigue regimen)
Adderrall (misdiagnosed with ADD due to my brain fog from sleep apnea)
Provigil (Ok band aid but I wanted to cure for my long term health)
Growth Hormone (worked)
Testosterone Cream (didn't work)
Holistic Dr. in Santa Monica (Dr. Lawrence Hoppis complete flake)
Pillows designed for support
Video Recorded my sleep
I've had 5 sleep studies
Sleep Study
2/5/2004 Sleep Study Apnea/Hypopnea Index(AHI) was 75 per hour, min Oxygen saturation 78%, 0 REM sleep

2/20/2007 Dr. Teilbaums program for CFS

8/1/2007 Dr Powell

Sleep Study
8/20/2007 Sleep Study Apnea/Hypopnea Index(AHI) was 40 per hour, min Oxygen saturation 88%, 0 REM sleep

11/26/2007 Pre Op with Dr Powell
11/27/2007 Tongue Advancement and Tongue Radiofrequesncy
12/5/2007 Follow Up with Dr Powell
12/19/2007 Follow Up with Dr. Powell/Dr. Sesso

Sleep Study - this turned out to be a false positive. Dr. Powell didn't believe it so we retested in March...he was right
1/29/2008 Sleep Study Apnea/Hypopnea Index(AHI) was 3.9 per hour, min Oxygen saturation 89%, 24% REM sleep
1/30/2009 Meet with Dr. Powell about sleep study

LA Marathon
3/2/2008- LA Marathon- though I'm not cured yet I am definitely getting REM sleep that I've never had for most of my life. I felt so good that I trained for the LA Marathon and completed it in 4 hours and 24 minutes! A huge accomplishment considering over the last few years I have been so tired I could barely do anything that I wanted to do.

3/12/2008 Lower Eyelid surgery Dr Glenn Vallecillos M.D.
3/14/2008 Down to 6.1% Body Fat

Sleep Study
3/23/2008 Sleep Study Apnea/Hypopnea Index(AHI) was 26 per hour, min Oxygen saturation 92%, 24% REM sleep

9/9/2008 Visit Dr. Powell and Give a unit of blood at the Blood Bank
9/15/2008 MMA Surgery
9/17/2008 Discharged
9/25/2008 Kid Rock Concert

10/14/2008 Arch bars removed
10/15/2008 Visit Dr Powell and new X-rays

Sleep Study
12/9/2008 Sleep Study
12/10/2008 Dr Powell Follow Up

Sleep Study
1/28/2009 Follow Up with Dr. Powell before sleep study
1/28/2009 Sleep Study Apnea/Hypopnea Index(AHI) was 4.3 per hour, min Oxygen saturation 91%, 16% REM sleep
My Tattoo
"To Sleep Perchance To Dream"
2 months prior to my MMA surgery I knew that this was going to cure me once and for all so I decided to get a tribute tattoo to all the struggles I had been through with sleep apnea. The tattoo says ADVERSITY "To sleep perchance to dream". Placing it on my back represents putting this adversity behind me once and for all. And for those that don't know "To sleep perchance to dream" is a Shakespeare quote from Hamlet. Though the quote is taken a bit out of context, I found it fitting since I hadn't dreamt(literally) in about 20 years.
LA Marathon
Though I wasn't cured yet, after my tongue advancement surgery I was starting to at least get some REM sleep. I was actually starting to dream and I started feeling better. I would go up and down, sometime refreshed, sometimes not. At least I was back on my feet and I was able to accomplish the marathon. A huge victory for my psyche. In a few short months I will be cured by MMA surgery.
Pictures the day before MMA surgery
I went to Stanford all by myself for surgery. My father who is retired was driving up and going to meet me in the hospital the following day after surgery. He was up there with nothing else to do but look after me and I can't thank him enough. I love you dad!

I took these pictures the night before in my hotel room. I was so concerned as to how my face was going to be reconfigured. It's a very scary feeling knowing you will eventually look different. As it turns out I've had a lot of people tell me I look better. I just have a stronger jaw now. I actually like the way I look know, so all that worry for not. Dr. Powell takes a lot of care into all these factors.
Pictures right after MMA surgery
Yes this is me right when I woke up in ICU. I couldn't talk but I was able to write on a piece of paper to the nurse to get my blackberry. I wanted to take pictures of my new face because it was killing me to know what I looked like. I know this sounds vain but if I was really that vain I wouldn't have elected to have the surgery. Trust me its a natural concern before having such a procedure. Anyway I also wanted to let my girlfriend Jessimyn know that I was ok. I am in some pain but it's more uncomfortable than anything. Not being able to communicate normally is frustrating to say the least. But they have me pretty doped up and I'm coherent and strong enough to be able to take picture of myself lol.
Day 2 in my own room
My dad by my side to help me every step of the way! Thanks Pops
I'm able to take down fluids and mumble a bit. I'm mostly sleeping, watching TV etc. The pain is not too bad but I do have a high tolerence for pain. I'm able to get up and move around but for the most part I'm just laying down. Dad and I watching movies on my laptop. I'm able to put small amounts of fluids in my mouth and then just kind of let it go down my throat. The only problem is when I try to take down too much it comes out my nose. It's funny but very uncomfortable.
Day 3 There's no way I'm going to let them keep me here another night.
Dr. Powell came to see me and put one of those scopes down my nose so he can see his work. His response, "Now that's an airway!" which brings a huge feeling of happiness to me. It was so significant he had one of the other doctors see what he was talking about. Apparently I now have the Grand Canyon for an airway haha. Wait till I see the X-rays before and after. I had no idea what was possible.

Anyway Dr. Powell was noticed that I hadn't taken down much of my food and said he thought it may be better if I stay another day. NO WAY JOSE! The only reason I couldn't get the food down was because it kept coming out my nose. I said give me a little bit and I'll show you I can get it down. He came back some time later and was satisfied. I'm the type that's willing to take help however I do everything I can to get myself on my feet. There's no way I was going to let some broth and juice keep me in the hospital another night. The result you can see above...Goodbye Stanford Hospital you were great! Great service and the traveling nurse that took care of me was awesome.

I know this sounds crazy but tonight I'm going to Oakland A's baseball game with my dad. They are playing the Angels(which is my 22nd favorite team next to the Dodgers). My dad grew up in Oakland and there's nothing like going to a game in a different city with your old man. It was just one of those things I wanted to do just to have that moment with my dad. I only made it through about 5 innings before I was getting too tired to stay. It was cold. Who would have thought that 2 days after this kind of surgery I would be going to a baseball game. I'm sure Dr. Powell would not have endorsed this but that's the kind of person I am. Positive attitude and mind over matter go a long way.

Anyway here's the ticket stub to prove it!
Oakland Athletics Ticket!
Day 4 - Dad and I take a trip to Half Moon Bay.  Home of Mavericks Surf Spot
I wanted to take a trip out with my dad to Half Moon Bay. I know I'm supposed to take it easy but I really am capable to go out and look around. Thank you Jamba Juice because you are right down the street from the motel and I'm visiting you 2-3 times a day for a while. So dad and I end up in Half Moon Bay and we walk down the main street. I'm definitely walking gingerly but it's good to be up and at em.

I really wanted to check out the surf shops and we ended up finding Cowboy Surf Shop. That's where I got this hat in the pictures below. I also bought Jessimyn a sweatshirt as a momento and to let her know that I'm thinking about her. I wish she was up here.
Day 5 - Dad and I take a trip to San Francisco
Today dad and i went to San Francisco. I'm reaching my breaking point today. I got so tired walking around. I was a bit too ambitious today but i made it through. I got a headache for a little while and I just seemed to wear out easily. Still not bad for just a couple of days out of surgery!  Below are pictures of the sea lions, alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. As you can see I'm still swollen and there's no way I'm shaving yet but I'd say I look pretty good. I still can't really move my mouth, it's just basically frozen in place and the pain isn't too bad.
Day 7 - One Week Visit to Dr. Powell's office
A thing about Sleep Studies
Lower Eyelid Surgery - Blepharoplasty and Facial Fat Transfer Dr. Glenn Vallecillos, M.D.
Dr. Glenn Vallecillos, M.D.
Blepharoplasty and Facial Fat Transfer
The Arch Bars
Finally Back Home
Kid Rock Concert - 10 days after surgery
On one of my trips up to Stanford I decided to splurge and rent a Corvette instead of some tiny little compact. I've been through so much I wanted to treat myself.
WARNING: Some of the pictures on my website are graphic. My goal is to give a real account of the process I went through in order to help others that are considering changing their life with sleep apnea surgery. For me, It was all worth it!
X-rays coming soon...
WOW! 99k Hospital Bill!
My bigger mission to give back
Tips Before MMA Surgery
Proper Nutrition Before and After Surgery
Things you will need throughout your journey!
3 month Update
My hospital Wristband - I am here to help!
Proper Nutrition Before and After Surgery
Proper Nutrition Before and After Surgery
Matt Mahowald and New Performance Nutrition did an amazing job getting me ready before surgery and putting together my plan for after surgery. Below is the plan he spelled out for me. I'm sure Dr. Powell with tell you that I was one of the best healers that he has ever had. I owe a lot of that to Matt for keeping me up to speed on my nutrition. Below is the plan he designed for me http://www.newpfc.com/Click here to visit this website and learn more about how they can help you!
Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)
Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)
This is the traditional UPPP technique for improving the airway at this level. There are many modifications of this technique. Laser removal of tissues commonly called a laser assisted palatopharyngoplasty (LAUP) gained popularity some years back since it could be done as an outpatient or office procedure. Due to excessive pain and multiple treatments, this technique is used less commonly. Radiofrequency (TCRF) has all but replaced this technique for snoring.
I got this image from Dr. Powell's website at www.calsleep.com
Mandibular Osteotomy Genioglossus Advancement
Genioglossus Tongue Advancement

This is designed to place tension on the tongue and improve the airway behind the back of the tongue during sleep. The genioglossus is the main tongue muscle. During sleep, this muscle relaxes and often allows the tongue to fall backwards into the airway. This muscle attaches to the inside of your lower jaw to a tiny projection of bone the size of your little fingernail. If a segment of bone containing this muscle is pulled forward and stabilized, it can stabilize the airway space behind the tongue.
Maxillomandibular Advancement(MMA)
This procedure is designed to open additional airway behind the back of the tongue. It is usually performed if previous procedures have not completely improved the obstructive breathing episodes and/or the patient has persistent symptoms of daytime sleepiness and fatigue. The operation moves the bone of the upper and lower jaw forward as a unit. Hence, very little change in facial appearance is seen.

Sleeping at the airport
Jessimyn and I went to the Kid Rock concert at Universal Amphitheater. It was a great show, but going to a concert with a busted jaw was a little ambitious. I had the guy next to me flailing his arms in the air and getting all rowdy and so the whole time I was worried about getting hit in the jaw. I asked him to move and he gave me attitude. Whatever buddy. Your a loser standing in the aisle...go back to your seat.

Anyway we had a great time and Run DMC made an appearance at the show! It was an awesome surprise. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jessimyn for all the support and care she has given me through this whole process. I will never forget the kiss we shared the day she dropped me off at the airport. It will always be the last kiss I had with my old mouth...I was a much better kisser then haha.
This bill will show you that I have experienced it all.
An $99k hospital bill just so I can sleep at night!
I speak from experience, here is my hospital bill.
Stanford Hospital Bill
Asleep on the airport floor on one of my trips. In the past I used to make so much noise from apneas that sleeping in public just wasn't possible. Now I'm told I don't make a sound...and for the first time in over 20 years I am dreaming!!!
Tonight for dinner..PFChangs hot and sour soup (I have to make sure to let hot food cool down because I have no feeling in my mouth at this point). I am so jealous because I told dad to get the crab wonton appetizer and I can't have any =(
Tonight for dinner...Cheesecake Factory! I got mashed potatos and gravy and Banana cream cheesecake. Let me tell you, the whip cream on the cheesecake goes down so easily and is the best thing I've had since the surgery...what a treat!
Here are Dr. Sesso's notes from my visit (take right out of my file). Scott returns following bimaxillary surgery one week ago. He is doing quite well. His occlusion is intact. All incisions are healing nicely. The nasal cavity is widely patent. He does have a herpetic eruption likely as a result of stress. I have asked the patient to make sure he continues his medications, to apply vasaline to his lips. Otherwise he is doing quite well. He is taking almost no pain medications. His sleep is actually quite good. He will see Dr. Powell tomorrow before he is allowed to travel home.

I am feeling great. I still have to sleep upright but I'm ready to go home.
How do they expect you to sleep with all this crap on you. When your sleep deprived it's easy to fall asleep. But when you're not suffering from apnea this is so uncomfortable. Another thing, DO NOT have a beard when you go. See the first picture with my beard...it was painful the way they stick those wires on your face. You can see in the next two sleep studies I learned my lesson...clean shaven
From all the years of having severe bags under my eyes I decided to get them fixed. People were always telling me how tired I looked even though I had slept fine. Dr. Glenn did an awsome job. Now that I'm healed from this I am so glad I did it. No one ever comes up to me I look tired...so thankful.
I looke worse than I really am in these pictures. I've been to work everyday for a few hours since I've been back
It's been one month since my surgery and now it's time to get the archbars removed. A quick trip up to Palo Alto and I'm almost done with everything. I showed up by myself thinking they would let me walk out of there after the procedure. Dr. Powell wasn't having it. They said I have to at least get a cab back to my motel room and I said no problem. As you can see I have some range of motion with my bite and I'm clearly ok enough to make funny faces =)
The Original SnoreSling
Try it. http://www.drsleepgood.com/products.html. I tried everything and finally made a homemade contraption that worked for me. I found that by keeping my mouth supported that I no longer snored and I also woke up more refreshed. I believe I had less apnea interruptions with the homemade device I created from a blind fold. That is how I got the inspiration to create the SnoreSling. Trust me it's worth $70 to try it and to use it in the process getting yourself cured.

CPAP users have said it helps them tolerate their CPAP use also. Trust me a few millimeters of opening can make a big difference.
My bigger mission now is to give back as much as I can to people that suffer from sleep apnea and or snoring. I've created http://www.drsleepgood.com/ and http://www.snoresling.com/ as just the beginning. I am writing newsletters and sending tons of referrals to Dr. Powell. So far I'm getting amazing responses and it feels great to help point others in the right direction.
Liquid Tylenol - I had know idea it existed
Pill Crusher - Taking medication has never been so easy!
SnoreSling - Controlling your jaw is the first step towards getting a good nights rest!
Water Pick - You will need this, I guarantee it!
The best resource I can give you is Dr. powells website at http://www.calsleep.com/
I can do anything I want to do, I dream every night, I'm getting into the office earlier than ever and i have all my weight back. The only thing thats different is my bite and my lack of feeling in my mouth. I mostly can't feel my gums but it doesn't bother me too much. My bite is a little off. I had one toothed shaved down a little bit and that has seemed to help.

Positives- Almost everything even my new look. I have been told numerous time that I am better looking.

Negatives- lack of feeling in my mouth

Worth it? YES YES YES - REM sleep is so underrated!
I am willing and want to help anyone that has questions about sleep apnea or my surgery etc.

Contact me: scott@snoresling.com
"When I think back on the endless nights I went through, and the beauty of simply being able to dream as I do now, I want nothing more than to share that peace with others"

Scott Hardy
Founder of SnoreSling
Proudly Made in the USA
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSA) is a potentially life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. The risks of undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea include heart attacks, strokes, impotence, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and heart disease. In addition, obstructive sleep apnea causes daytime sleepiness that can result in accidents, lost productivity and interpersonal relationship problems. The severity of the symptoms may be mild, moderate or severe. If you suffer from symptoms of OSA please seek medical assistance. Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases including OSA.
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Free Newsletter - Receive free tips on ways to stop snoring and special offers from our partners.
Join our newsletter for free tips on how to stop snoring, limit the affects of sleep apnea and special offers from our partners to help you get your bodies required amount of sleep!
Free Newsletter - Receive free tips on ways to stop snoring and special offers from our partners.